Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mixed Feeding Flock, #2

Time for our occasional, eclectic mix of birding and blogging news, new and old. For starters, we just LOVED this piece by the Kitchen Window Birder about how she discovered the joy of birds and birdings just a year ago. Wonderful photos, too!

On a much more depressing note, a DC Birding blog has the story of seven men in Florida arrested for shooting protected birds, including White Ibis. Warning: photos may be disturbing to birders of any age.

Most everyone who follows birding news has by now heard about the Wood Thrushes and Purple Martins who were captured and fitted with minature "backpacks," allowing ornithologists for the first time to closely study precise migratory patterns of small songbirds (as opposed to shorebirds, raptors, etc.) One Purple Martin flew 4,650 miles from wintering grounds in Brazil to its summer home in Pennsylvania in 13 days. Story is here. We especially love this story because a Wood Thrush family comes to our back woods every spring and serenades us. (and will soon be here).

Finally, a few photos from last weekend's jaunt to the Delmarva peninsula:

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck, Silver Lake, Rehobeth, Del.

Brant, Ocean City, Md.

Eared Grebe, Ocean City, Md.


Nervous Birds said...

Did you read that one of the suspects caught shooting the protected birds is from our hometown? Nice... jerks.

Eh, at least they were caught.

Have a great weekend.


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Unbelievable! From Naptown??

have a great one...

sandy said...

Gotta love the ducks! I'll check out those links, thanks.