Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crossbills, at last!

White-Winged Crossbills have been everywhere this winter, hanging out in every hemlock tree for miles around. Everywhere except in Birdcouple's bins, that is. They've been kind of hiding from us, to tell you the truth:
Until today, that is. We headed down towards Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, where WWCBs have been seen almost daily, with Dan Haas, young Declan Haas and -- special treat! -- Adam Strobel. On cue, a smal flock of gal crossbills arrived.
Lisa, Adam and young Declan were patient as Dan and I waited for the birds AND the light to be right so we could make some White-Winged Crossbill portraits. Enjoy:

After enjoying the crossbills and five Pine Siskins that cooperatively flew in and made it a two-new-birds-in-Anne-Arundel-County type day, we headed south to a secret location where Mrs. Barn Owl is known to live.

This is the third time Birdcouple has been there looking for it. Warren positioned himself exactly on the wrong side of the barn to make sure he would be denied once again, but Adam, Dan and Lisa all got good, brief looks as it flew out of the barn and into the nearby woods. ARGH#&#*?!

Sigh. There are always more birds. And tomorrow, there will be. Lots of 'em.


Kim said...

Congratulations!! I too am not getting them in my yard despite the hemlock I have. Unlike yourself, I have not had any luck finding them at other places either.

Such wonderful photos. Sorry to hear about the owl. Bird watching can be so frustrating sometimes.

Dawn Fine said...

Glad you saw those Crossbills and got photos as well!
Better luck next time with the Barn Owl.

Larry said...

Good for You! I had the same crossbill problem until recently. Birders would be reporting to me that they jst saw hem 15 minutes ago at this spot or that spot and I missed them every time.I started to wonder if people were just pulling my leg-glad you finally got them.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Larry, glad you found them, too. They'll be gone back up north very soon....

Anders said...

Congratulations! I can sympathize with all of the scenarios you describe. Being 50% of a birding couple myself I know the kind of mood the Barn Owl incident can induce and the happy drive home after that... we actually got ourselves a pair of cheap walkie talkies after a couple of bad experiences after having split up to search and being unable to call for the team mate.

Go walkie talkie! :-)

Best regards/Anders