Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well-dressed Winter Friends

Princess and I have been doing a lot of birding at Centennial Lake over in Columbia, Md., lately. That's because young Adam plays his weekend soccer games for the Freestate Fire at Covenant Park right next door. We usually squeeze in a half hour or so of birding before or after the big match.

This morning, Lisa used her magic to call in all sorts of birds, including the Cedar Waxwings above, this Dark-Eyed Junco, plus a House Wren, a beautiful Golden-Crowned Kinglet, assorted sparrows, cardinals and mockingbirds.
They were just flying in at her command. Amazing! Or maybe not so amazing.

And here's the big bird. (Adam played magnificently, making some amazing saves, and they tied 1-1).


Dawn Fine said...

Oh did you call the birdies in Lisa..did u sing a sweet song..use a birdie recording..or pish?

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

She did some GREAT pishing. Birds came from all over. We find that recordings are useful in winter, but nearly as useful as they are in spring.

Where are you guys now, and what are you up to? Will you head through DC or Maryland anytime soon?

Good Birding!