Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking ahead

Princess and I have busy jobs (they pay for our birding and other fun) and they're especially busy right now, after the Holidays.

So, no time for a full-out blog post today, as much as we might wish. But there's lots coming down the pike.

First, the Great Backyard Bird Count is just around the corner, February 13 through 16.

Last year, nearly 86,000 checklists were submitted, with 9.8 million birds of 635 species counted. So stock those feeders - the weather here in Maryland and everywhere north is cold.

Next, in the days ahead, Lisa and I will be blogging about some really interesting stuff, including a California vineyard dedicated to dealing with the problem of birds killed by powerline infrastructure, as well as the troubling question of why there are so few minority birders.

So stay tuned.

Finally, in writing the post below on Brown Pelicans, Warren stupidly neglected to note that one of the McClatchy Newspapers (his employer) has also been on the story. The San Luis Obispo Tribune says that an estimated 270 dead or sick pelicans have been found from Washington state to Baja California.

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Kathie Brown said...

Larry of Brownstone Birding told me you 2 are doing a Big January count as well. I will add your name to my list and I wish you well.

I also love to do the GBBC and I look forward to it again this year. Participating in it is what first got me out the door and counting birds. Before that I would just notice new species whenever I happened to see them!

BTW, we have an immature Brown Pelican hanging out at a park in Tucson, AZ. Perhaps he fled the disease in California.