Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gardens + Birding = Great Event!

Find an over-the-top garden center.

No.... garden center does not even begin to describe Terrain at Styers....

Ok, find an incredibly luxe, yet peaceful nursery, with a creative and imaginative use of retail space that has gorgeous accessories for the home and garden and add in an interest in birds and you have... The Birding Event at Terrain is the brainchild of Lynsey Richardson. Bringing together people who enjoy gardening and who are interested in creating backyard habitats with birding.... genius!

Because, how can you not (no matter how small your backyard habitat is) want to enjoy all the fruits of your labor.

And, birds can't help flocking to a backyard that provides food sources, water and cover. A wonderful by product to any backyard! Cute Husband and I were honored to be invited to talk about our favorite subject.
We had a nice turnout for our little gig and it was a great opportunity to give folks a chance to try out our favorite Alpen binoculars, even if it was a bit cold for an all-out bird walk. But, perhaps the best part was looking out at the group and seeing some young faces.
In fact, after our talk, I asked one girl if she was going to start birding and she informed me that she already was a birder.

Chickadee being her favorite bird.

Love it!

And, amazingly I made it out of Terrain (with its loads of handmade, organic, sustainable, drop dead gorgeous items) without breaking the BirdCouple bank.

Because I could have gone wild....

But, birding and the last bit of daylight called and we waved goodbye to our new Philadelphia friends and headed to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge (another great refuge supported by Duck Stamp proceeds).
Highlights of a cold walk included a Blue Heron skating on ice and a Ruby Crowned Kinglet flitting within feet of us.

The perfect end to a perfect BirdCouple day!

Thanks Lynsey, Stephanie and the folks at Terrain!

And, congratulations on what will surely be a yearly welcomed event!


Dawn Fine said...

OH DARN...Sorry I missed your birding 101...

I have never heard of those binos you mentioned. I will check them out.

Dawn Fine said...

Hi I am back trying to convince you on behalf of nervous bird...that the brunch is Gloucester is Amazing...you should not miss it..
His treat!

kesslerdee said...

This is so cool-one of my goals with my big yard is to give habitat to birds. Wish they had one in Arizona.