Friday, January 30, 2009

A Cormorant Rant

My Mom sent Cute Husband and I these lovely pictures of some Double-crested Cormorants that have been hanging near my parent's home.

My Dad used to duck hunt (not for Cormorants... too fishy tasting) and is still very much aware of the waterfowl comings and goings near their home.

But, my Mom was never overly interested in if there were a lot of "cans" (male canvasbacks) on the river or if the "dippers" (diving ducks) had come in or if the "green head" (male mallard) population around the docks had exploded.

So, I am delighted that she took the opportunity to check these out and snap some pictures for us.

Just think, Mom, you are one step closer to wearing Alpen binoculars 24/7, sporting zip-off pants and planning your weekend activities around where some vagrant showed up!

Speaking of the weekend.... we are off for some vagrant chasing and good fun with the Dan Haas family and Paul Baicich.

Dan's to-do list includes Snowy Owls, Golden Eagles and Lapland Longspurs...

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