Friday, January 9, 2009

Catching up with Blogging Buddies...

Cute Husband and I really enjoy catching up with some of our favorite cyber birding buddies.

When we read other bird blogs, we often learn something new about birds. We sometimes get turned on to a new book or piece of bird paraphernalia. We may laugh at some corny bird jokes or we may simmer with jealousy over a good bird chase.... but mostly we are charmed by reading another birders' perspective.

Want to see a White-tailed Kite hovering and tons of other great bird pics? Christopher over at Picus Blog always has something fabulous to look at.

Plus, I learned that in Greek and Roman mythology, Picus was a man turned into a woodpecker by Circe for scorning her love. (Lesson to Cute Husband).

Over at Dawn's Bloggy Blog, there is always great fun a-happening. Probably because Dawn and her Hubby get to tool around birding and shelling and mushrooming in their motor home (known as it!).

Full time Motorhoming.

Dawn and Jeff are currently in Florida. Their bedroom currently faces East. They are currently neighbors with Limpkins and Moorhens.

Yup, we are jealous.

On Nervous Birds, Dan's got the scoop on Barred Owls elbowing into Spotted Owl territory. He also seems to be having a major chocolate fix. His blog includes bonus pictures of his lovely wife and adorable son.

Karen and Albert over on The Distracted Birders have a great illustration comparing the Purple and House Finch. Oh, how often Cute Husband and I have tried to turn House Finches into Purple ones at our feeders!

I may just print this illustration out and plaster near the window.

We love DC Birding Blog's Loose Feather edition! John puts together a bunch of birding news, highlights some birding blogs and carnivals and adds in some environmental highlights of the week.

Our #1 source for birding news!

Good clean blog fun!

Happy weekend birding!


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

I won't scorn your love. - W

Dawn Fine said...

Oh cool...I am honored to be guest on you soo famous birdie blog.
I have to say you are way more birdie and knowledgeable than I and my he...and I have been enjoying your blog emencely.

I too love to read about other birders and their you can tell by my foot long..growing to a mile long blogroll.

And now...i will show off and say we are going to Green Cay tomorrow to meet the Eva from the flying Mullet blog...who's blog I didn't see on your blogroll but you might enjoy.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Thanks for being a regular visitor! We're the honored ones. And we'll check out the flying Mullet.....

Christopher said...

Hey guys - thanks for the kind words and high compliment of being mentioned in your blog. In the ever-growing list of blogs on my blogroll, yours is always on the tops of my list to check, and I am never disappointed.

Happy New Year - I hope it's a wonderful one for you both and that you continue to have and share the wonderful relationships with family, friends and each other that makes it such a joy to visit.