Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby, it's cold as )#$#)($^#()^% outside

Birdcouple yearns for temperatures that are, say, a balmy 55 degrees. We yearn for our trip to sunny India in seven weeks. We yearn for green leaves, the songs of warblers and long summer nights.

That's how cold it is. It was 11 degrees F when we started Lisa's car at 10am-ish this morning. I think we hit a high of 20.

We ran to the bank and then decided to do a very little, teensy, weensy bit of birding around the Hillsmere and Bay Ridge section of Annapolis, which abuts the South River and the Chesapeake Bay. After checking out the Tundra Swans that return each year to Hillsmere Beach, we headed for Bay Ridge, where there was some great waterfowl. Canvasback, Red-Breasted Mergs, Long-Tailed Duck, Surf Scoters, and more. We drove along for a bit, and ran into ... who else? ...local birding maestros Dan Haas and Chris Murray.

They were off to Thomas Point Park, and we eagerly tagged along. It was cold. Dan, in the orange on the right, said he was yearning for a mosquito bite. That's cold.

You can just barely see Thomas Point Lighthouse to the left of Warren (in blue). Three cold birding dudes, and Princess Lisa (who braved the cold for a bit) in the car. We stood it as long as we could, and then skedaddled when we got word of a Painted Bunting in a hidden location nearby.

Mr. PABU must have wondered what hit him. He is supposed to be in south Florida or Central America right now. But seeing him, warmed our hearts.

Incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably, Warren left his good camera and zoom lens at home. So Birdcouple did the best they could with a point-and-shoot. There's a Painted Bunting in this picture. Really:

Thanks for the fun, Dan and Chris.

On Sunday, we're off to give a bird talk in the Philadelphia area, at Terrain at Styer's.


Nervous Birds said...

We look like a bunch of bank robbers.

gu gu gu gu give me all your mah mah mah mah money! nu nu nu nu now puh puh puhlease.

Brrr, it was cold.

Hey, so what are you two going to be talking about in PA? I'd love to hear the BC give a talk. Will there be a bit of bee talk in there as well? I hope so.

ALWAYS a pleasure birding with you both, even when I lose all sensation in my face, fingers and toes!


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Dan - we did a "Birding 101" talk this afternoon to a small crowd at a place called Terrain at Styer's, which is sort of like Homestead Gardens, outside Philly.

It went well - and maybe we got just a few more people a bit more interested in birds and the environment.

Afterward, we birded at John Heinz NWR, which is literally on the other side of I-95 from Philly Airport. It was about 35 degrees. So warm compared to yesterday that I stripped down to my boxers and regaled in the sun.

See ya soon
W ... and L