Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We knew Patty when....

Cute, huh?Northern Saw-whet Owl, perhaps being held by our good friend Patty.

See, we knew Patty when she was a virgin birder... just getting her first set of nice binoculars to check out the wide world of birding.... anxiously wondering how she would ever find a particular bird while leafing through the 537 pages of Sibley's Guide to Birds.

When we met Patty, I don't even think Patty had zip-off pants or a big floppy hat.

Cute Husband and I invited her to join us on our Christmas bird count.
We started pre-dawn using tapes to call a variety of owls.

None answered.

The day progressed and we showed Patty flocks of Starlings, a Mockingbird and some Cardinals. I think we may have even had a Mallard.

Patty was intrigued.

Flash forward a year and Patty is hanging out with the gang at Project Owlnet (go on, click on the link and hear a Northern Saw-whet welcome) helping out with their banding project at Assateague Island.

Yes, that is right, hanging out with Project Owlnet folks (new birder friends) without her good buds, BirdCouple....
I'm kidding, of course (she said bitterly).

What could be more wonderful than introducing someone to birds and they go off-the-wall nuts and understand how completely cool and important and interesting birds are!

A new birder who will surely share the joy of birds with their family, their friends, their children....

A new birder who starts to care about bird research and protecting bird habitat ...Here, you can clearly see the Northern Saw-whet Owl asking Patty why she forgot to invite her friends Lisa and Cute Husband. So, Patty sends us these wonderful pictures along with the Snowy Owl that has been hanging around the Island and reported by tons of birders on mdosprey. The Snowy Owl that we keep meaning to go chase. The Snowy Owl that would be a life bird for us.

Snowy Owl in flight.
So, Patty, we have that same territory for Christmas count this year.
See you at 4AM?
You are in charge of calling the owls.


Patty said...

I do own zip-off pants, but no floppy hat as of yet! Thanks for taking the time to talk about Project Owlnet (and to Jess for her great photos of the project and the snowy owl). And don't worry, I'll be ready and waiting at 4am!

Dawn Fine said...

I think it is totally awesome that you got to introduce this new birder to something you love and now she shares your passion... what a wonderful story that continues...

Tara's Talk said...

I Love all the photos you have shared! I've just discovered your blog & plan to come back again soon:)
~~ Tara

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Thanks, Tara! We enjoyed all your blogs, too!