Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A few notes as 2008 comes to an end

2008 is fast passing into history, and it hasn't been all bad news....

Science Daily reports that researchers in Nevada have found a way to make energy - biodiesel, to be precise - out of waste coffee grounds. This is important news for birders, given the close relationship between coffee growing, particularly in Central America, and bird habitat, not to mention the fact that billions of pounds of spent grounds end up in the trash each year.

And guess what? The biodiesel actually smells like java, the magazine reports. (Thanks to Paul Baicich for passing this item on....)

Meanwhile, our dear friend and birder extraordinaire Peter Kaestner capped the year with five new lifers in November 2008. If you think that's unextraordinary, try getting five new birds when your life list is 8,192! The five new birds on his list (now 8,197) are: Yellow-rumped Honeyguide, Grey-sided Thrush, Naga Wren Babbler, Striped and Browned-capped Laughingthrushes. Go Peter K!

Peter reports that he's also spent some time showing new birds to Allen Davies and Ruth Miller of the Biggest Twitch, who are continuing to add species to their amazing year as it comes to a close. As they report on their site, settling back into "reality" could be a problem.

Tomorrow: Birdcouple's Year in Review.


Nervous Birds said...

I can't wait for the BC YiR! (Bird Couple's Year-in-Review).

It certainly was a wonderful year. I imagine I could have driven every last mile of my big year, using only my own personal used coffee grinds as fuel. You can bet that I'll be acquiring that technology just as soon as possible.

I just had to espresso my interest in this new and invigorating fuel source!

Oh well, it's getting latte... time for bed. Happy New Year BC!!!

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Thanks a latte, Dan!