Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BC's Year in Review

Warren is sitting here at work, eager to get home and watching the last few minutes of 2008 tick away. What a year it's been - economic turmoil, a historic presidential election, tragedy and promise around the globe.

But, the heck with that. Let's get to the important stuff, like family, friends, adventure and ... birding.

In January, Warren saw his first Northern Saw-Whet Owl, (sorry Lisa), while Lisa explored why male Ring-Neck Ducks seem to outnumber males by 4 to 1.

February, home to Valentine's Day, (and also the month Lisa and Warren met), is BC's month. Lisa sent me a lovely Valentine. We saw a rare--in Maryland, in winter--Painted Bunting with Adam. Warren also copped a Common Redpoll. Sorry again, Lisa.

March? March took us to northeast Maryland with friends Dan Haas and Ross Geredien, and also brought a touch of sadness when a Golfinch with conjunctivitis visited our feeder.

April brought new birds and brought out (Lisa's) bees.

We have a hard time blogging in May. We are too busy birding and hiking. BC did a fun, exhausting Big Day in Washington, D.C. and did bird surveys and bird walks at Virginia's luxurious Keswick Hall. And a lot more.

Four words for June. North Dakota. And North Dakota.

July brought big news in the life of the Birdcouple blog: we were now sponsored by Alpen Optics, which makes great optics and cares about both its people and the environment. Twenty-one posts this month, a record high for the year.

In August, Lisa went birding on the Eastern Shore with Peter Kaestner. Warren spent most of the month on assignment in the Philippines and Indonesia, where he managed a few lifers in between work. Lisa, my honey, got honey while missing her honey.

September's hurricanes sent us scuttling to the Atlantic shore with Paul Baicich and Lisa Rock for some storm-bird chasing. We also chased our goal on the Appalachian Trail. (Later this year, we made it - crossing the 500 trail mile mark, nearly 1/4 of the way there. Wahoo!)

October was fabulous, with the release of the new federal Duck Stamp, a life Pine Siskin, (Warren's 400th ABA bird), and more L and W hiking on the AT.

As the temperatures cooled in November, all manner of critters tried to invade the Lovenest. Shrike was a nemesis bird no more. The Birdcouple blog, our little baby, turned two.

In December, Warren was deployed, with little notice to Iran. He did not bring his binoculars and wander around looking at things. More death-defying adventure awaited him at home. Dan Haas joined the Maryland elite, and Lisa led the way to (and back from) BC's first Snowy Owl.

I love you Lisa. Bring on 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all our friends and readers.

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