Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Among the Maryland Elite...

We are so proud of our birding bud, Dan Haas of Nervous Birds who accomplished what a few top birders in Maryland attempt each year.... identifying 300 species in the state of Maryland in one calendar year.

The amazing thing is that Dan accomplished this feat in the same year he and his wife, Emery had their first child, Declan.

I can only imagine how happy Emery must be for this year to end!

Dan's #300 was a Lark Sparrow and with 15 days left in 2008, we are watching for his final tally.

Check out Dan's blog for some of his amazing photo footage of the birds he ticked.

Congratulations, Dan!

So, Cute Husband... makes me start to wonder what kind of bird goals we should set for 2009...

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Nervous Birds said...

"Honored," doesn't even begin to scratch the surface for how I feel about this post. Thank you BirdCouple for such a wonderful surprise this morning.

And yes, Emery is THRILLED that 2009 is almost here. But look at how low gas prices are now???

Next year: maybe save some falcons or build on my Anne Arundel County list. But most of the year, I'll be working with Declan on our ABC's and 123's!!!

Season's Greetings you two. See you very soon!