Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Shout Out to One of Our Favorite Orgs....

Saving Birds Thru Habitat is one of our favorite bird friendly organizations.

We are enjoying the redesign of their website which features a native plant of the month, great habitat improvement tips and a library of informative columns written by the Executive Director, Kay Charter.

Kay's passion for birds and education constantly inspires us.

Her organization, Saving Birds Thru Habitat (SBTH)was established to help stem the decline of our migratory songbird population by teaching people of all ages how to protect, enhance and restore habitat for North American birds.

What we like the most about this organization is their land certification work that educates and helps corporations preserve and maintain healthy bird habitats on their properties.

Warren and I were flattered when Kay asked to reprint one of our favorite posts - Hug a Hunter in SBTH's newsletter- which we found in our mailbox last night.

Kay, thanks for the opportunity to spread the word about the valuable work SBTH is doing.

Warren and I look forward to keeping up with your ongoing progress!

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