Friday, November 21, 2008

The Life of...

Regular readers of BirdCouple are completely aware of the fact that Cute Husband and I are somewhat nerdy.

In fact, we are proudly nerdy when it comes to birds and the environment and our goofy craziness for each other.

We are also extremely nerdy, wholeheartedly not-with-it and completely clueless on current television programs and the advertisements that are jammed within them.

Friends discuss the Dancing with the Stars show the latest Idol or some funny commercial that everyone knows the punch line.

Our faces go blank.

We have no idea what they are talking about.

Other than an occasional sports event with friends or Mitch and Adam, we just don't watch TV.

Our television doesn't have rabbit ears and we don't have a rooftop antenna, but our one and only TV is about one step above requiring them.

We do, however, love to snuggle in and watch anything and everything presented on DVD by David Attenborough.

Coolest guy on Earth, right after Cute Husband.

Yes, of course we marched through all 5 disks of the popular BBC presentation of Plant Earth (narrated by Attenborough rather than Weaver).

But, we enjoyed Sir David long before everyone was talking about this show when it was presented on TV.

Naturally, we went crazy for The Life of Birds despite having to wait months for some other crazed bird/Attenborough fan to return to Netflix so they could pass to us.

Then we went nuts for The Living Planet, The Life of Mammals, Life in the Undergrowth... and last night we finished the Life in Cold Blood series.

Each is a beautiful journey in which Attenborough walks across various landscapes and whispers something like....(and this always makes us soooo jealous)....

"Here I am in off the Northern coast of New Guinea" or "Here I am in the rain forests of Costa Rica" or "Here I am in a cave in New Zealand" as we are glued to the TV watching spectacular bits of nature such as the mating of wood ants, the communication behavior of chameleons or the survival techniques of tiger beetles.

We learn something new and wonderful and charming from this gentleman with each view.

And, all commercial free.

And, it is Friday!

And, Attenborough in Paradise in next in the queue!


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

That's right, sweet princess. And here's the start of a story yesterday from the Chicago Tribune:

CHICAGO _ Does this season of "Survivor" have you down in the dumps? Is "Dancing with the Stars" not doing it for you anymore?
Here's some sobering news for couch potatoes: A 30-year study of television habits published in the December issue of scientific journal Social Indicators Research suggests that unhappy people watch considerably more TV, vote less, read fewer newspapers and are generally less socially active than happier people.
While some of that may not be breaking news, the study's authors took particular interest in how happiness shaped TV viewing.
The University of Maryland researchers noted that TV is more popular than many other free-time activities, considering that viewers don't have to leave the comfort of their homes, dress up, plan ahead or expend much energy at all.

P.S. - Guess it's my turn to blog, 'eh?

NatureWoman said...

I'm with you on this modern TV stuff - I know nothing. I totally love David Attenborough and wish they would put "The Private Life of Plants" on DVD for the US.