Friday, November 14, 2008

Home Invasion

It happens each year right about this time at the LoveNest.

The inevitable home invasion of spiders, bugs and other creepy crawly things.

As winter rolls in and the nights get colder, all the vermin decide to march right in and make themselves at home.

Spinning little webs around our bird books, creeping through the living room and jumping in protest when we turn on a light.

We would never resort to any kind of pesticide to dissuade them from coming in.

We (Cute Husband) try to be as kind as possible to each little bugger as we (Cute Husband) manually return the creature to the great outdoors.

I am most bugged by this bug... yuck. Disgusting.

I was going to post a picture of one, but I can't bear to look at it up close.

If you have not encountered a Camel Cricket (consider yourself lucky), they can jump and are quite adept at fleeing. Plus, they have the creepiest long antennae.

In honor of Friday and all the bugs that are not Camel Crickets, please enjoy these two lovely insects (who, you will note are living outside) from photographer extraordinaire, Louis Peterson....

Thanks Louis!

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