Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BirdCouple Turns Two!

Wow! Lisa and I are sitting here having a glass of wine and marveling over the fact that our lil' baby, http://www.birdcouple.com/, turned two years old today. ... A lot of blogs don't survive two months, let alone two years......

And what an adventure it has been. Here is our first LAME post from November 25, 2006. But it got better... You really never know what is going to attract and keep readers' attention. Well, we have tools to check how often you good folks visit the site, and where on the blog you land.

So, what are BirdCouple's greatest hits? That crazy Frog-Eating Heron pic has got to be close to No. 1. Zip-off pants are a huge hit. Or a huge question mark? People around the country and around the world are dying to know about the Real Roadrunner. (They seem to be trying to find out if the Roadrunner is a real bird. Yes. It is. It is not just a cartoon).

In terms of birder excitement and scientific (or at least rare bird) interest, probably our most viewed post was the Carolina Chickadee that showed up at our feeder and, in a really odd optical illusion, ended up looking exactly like a Common Redstart from Europe. Even David Sibley, the renowned ornithologist and bird artist, weighed in on the bird. His verdict? Chickadee.

People from around the world check in to learn about the exploits of the amazing, unstoppable, Peter Kaestner.

And if there is ONE person who has provided us with more inspiration for blogs, and helped mold our views of nature, birds and conservation... well, that one person would be one Paul Baicich. Thanks to Paul, Warren and Lisa have joined the ranks of published authors on the subject of birds. Here's an article Paul and Warren did for a recent issue of Birder's World.

Personally, Warren's favorite post is one of Lisa's (of course), Hug A Hunter.

Ok, Lisa here. Sweet, I already shamelessly promoted that post a few days ago....

Personally, Lisa's favorite post is one of Warren's (of course). It was this recent one about finding a nemisis bird..... Also, Cute Hubby's post on century birds and his pieces of art from Namibia.

We have learned so much about birds, conservation and the natural world in the last two years just from writing and researching what we discover.

How wonderful to think what the next two years may bring....

BC (with wines in hand) signing off....


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you two! A couple of years can seem an eternity in the blogosphere, and yet your writing is still fresh and fun. Here's to many more great years!

Christopher said...

Congratulations - you've done a great job with the blog, and I'm always happy to see when my reader says you've got a new post up!

Nervous Birds said...

Congratulations to you both. You inspire and delight with each new post. Happy Thanksgiving to the Bird Couple.

More strange Chickadees please!

-Dan, Emery & Declan (AKA Sterling)

Anonymous said...

Well Done LoveBirds!! Thank you for providing us a wonderful insight into the beautiful world of birds. As you know, BC is part of our daily online experience and certainly the most enjoyable and uplifting! We look forward many years of BC adventures.

Love, L & V