Friday, October 17, 2008

Yup, It's all Good...

We've been meaning to post this Tip of the Month from the September issue of The Birding Community E-Bulletin written by our pal, Paul Baicich and Wayne Peterson...

Invariably, when birders are in the field, they are asked by curious passers-by and novice birders alike if there has been “anything good” seen.

No matter that you might have only seen a chickadee and a junco so far in the day’s birding, the correct response remains the same:

“It’s all good!”

Let the curious know the wonders of the chickadee and the reliability of the junco as well as your effervescent expectations to find those flocks of wonderful birds just beyond the edge of the trees on the path ahead.

Make it interesting; make it wondrous, and realize that every birder in the field is a potential ambassador for our pastime.

Remember: “It’s all good!”

Cute Husband and I are off to Deep Creek Lake to celebrate birthdays, fall foliage, chickadees, and juncos.

Naturally, we also have effervescent expectations ... of spotting some Pine Siskins. Fun!

Hope your weekend is all good...

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