Sunday, October 12, 2008

Very Little Big Sit

Sunday was the day for the Big Sit, where birders try to identify as many species of birds as they can from within a 17-foot diameter circle.

The idea is to choose a favorite birding spot, or a prime location along a major migration route, relax with friends, maybe have a picnic and see what you can see. It's sort of the polar opposite of rushing-around, driving-through-the-country, chasing-type birding. Princess calls it a bird tailgate. Some teams are known for racking up 60, 70, 80 species or more.

This is where we were on Sunday:

Soccer Field.

You see, in addition to being avid birders, crazed hikers and would-be naturalists (or perhaps I should say more important than being), we are parents. We have two amazing young men, aged 21 and 17, who have busy schedules and are succesful athletes.

So, we were up in Harford County, Maryland, on Sunday morning, watching Adam (the 17-year-old) play in a soccer tournament.

Our Big Sit list was three: Turkey Vulture, Blue Jay and Red-Bellied Woodpecker (the last one was heard, but not seen).

Turkey Vulture.

But it was totally worth it, because we got to see this instead:

Adam Strobel, superstar goalkeeper.

AND, I got to be with my honey on a beautiful Fall day. Lisa was wondering where the birds were.


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