Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still Humming...

Don't put away your Hummingbird feeder yet... We haven't seen a lot of action around our Hummingbird feeder in the past couple of days.

During the majority of August, thanks to constant photography generated by our Wingscapes BirdCam ,we noted only females and juveniles hitting the feeders.

Typically, males are the first to start both South and North migrations and it appeared that most of our males hit the road early.

Recently, are feeders seem to be only attracting my honey bees during the day and our feisty raccoons each night we forget to bring them in.

Our local family of hummers may have hit the road South, but we are leaving our feeders up through Thanksgiving.
Leaving your hummingbird feeders up and filled with fresh clean feed will not delay or discourage hummers from migrating. But, fresh sugar water could be critical to the South-bounders coming through.

Your backyard feeder could provide a valuable fueling station for these long distance migrants as they pass on their way south. In fact, your feeder may even be crucial to adding the additional energy to ensure they make their wintering grounds.

With body temperatures ranging from 105°-108°F, wing beats averaging 60 per second and flight speeds that can reach 63mph, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds need every ounce of energy they can find.

Energy that will hopefully help this tiny gal make a remarkable non-stop 18-20 hour crossing of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Your BirdCam capture some great photos! As always enjoy seeing what's new on the LoveBird Blog!!