Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paul, Pants and Birds

Yup, I was correct!

Paul Baicich, of Birding Community E-Bulletin fame, prefers jeans or just plain shorts to zip-off pants.On Saturday morning, I begged Paul to go birding with me. I'm missing my #1 Cute birding buddy and Paul kindly offered to show me some birds. We headed to Greenbury Point at the crack of dawn (ok, it was actually 7AM) on Saturday in hopes of finding something wonderful. And, that we did. See that speck? Peregrine Falcon. Hanging out on the old radio towers along with some very vocal Osprey. Oh, I miss Cute Husband, the photographer!Immature Blue Grosbeak, just starting to show some blue around the head and orange bars on the wings. Protective dad. Not thrilled with me chasing his offspring through a field to capture more fuzzy pictures. A study in Mallards, Black Duck and mongrel Mallard/Black Ducks. Birding with Paul is the best!

Even though Paul has seen a zillion ABA birds, he is still always patient and willing to study the most ordinary among them.

So, I thought I would finish this post with another lame picture.

See the bird nicely framed in the middle of branches? Perhaps you can see his eye?

This Hermit Thrush (I think) hung out around the bee hives early morning and late evening for a couple of days. Silent.

I didn't expect to see him each time I went to check the bees, so I never thought to bring my bins. I brought the camera to capture some bee stuff.

A long distance discussion with Warren gave the possibility of immature Wood Thrush, although I have not heard or seen them in the yard for over 2 weeks.

If you can make anything from my appalling picture and help with my mystery... I could maybe count a Hermit Thrush as a Bigby Bird.

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