Saturday, August 30, 2008

It really is a small world

Smaller and smaller. This is our very able bird guide and Forestry Ministry employee Pak Umar, who took Warren, Antony Sutton of the Jakarta Birding blog and Antony's wife Mai (hope I'm spelling that right) around the Pulau Dau reserve in Western Java, Indonesia on Saturday morning. Well, after hiking through the mangroves for several hours, we went back to a small roadside store that Pak Umar and his wife run in a pretty small village. As we were waiting, he dialed up on his brand new mobile phone. That's him up there checking out this blog. Amazing.

And I'm posting this from a free Internet terminal at Singapore airport, en route home. Also amazing.

Pak Umar, who had eyes like an eagle, showed us some amazing birds, like Little Blue Kingfisher, Scarlet-Headed Flowerpecker, and Bar-Tailed Prinia. More on that soon..

I am headed home to my Princess!

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