Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gi-normous moth!!

Was all dressed for work today, had all my gear in the car, and was about to start the engine. I look up at the outside of the garage door, and what to do I see? This huge, beautiful insect. Princess would be most upset if I didn't get a shot of it! So I dash back inside, grab the digital camera, dash outside and snap a couple of quick shots.
Careful investigation reveals this is a Rose Hooktip moth, scientific name Oreta Rosea. This is the only moth of its genus in Eastern North America.
We've been at the Love Nest for two years, and never seen this guy before. We recently painted the house, and think maybe it's attracted to the deep red color, since we've found a lot of other pictures online of these moths on reddish backgrounds. (Or is that wishful thinking?)
Anyway, Rose Hooktip moth now joins the legions of birds, bugs, deer, raccoons, squirrels, mice, snakes, turtles, trees, flowers and other biota on our lovely two acres.
Tomorrow: back to da birds.
PS - What's That Bug is a cool website.

Thanks to our friends and colleagues who have corrected our entomological misidentification, and correctly pegged this as an Imperial Moth!


John B. said...

The back pattern kind of looks like a skull. Or maybe I'm just morbid...

Patrick B. said...

I think this might be an Imperial Moth. I was actually looking for a picture of this same moth for someone and thought the pic too was a Rose Hooktip.

Bouligab said...

It's actually an Imperial moth, Eacles imperialis ini. Oreta rosea is a much, much smaller specie (maybe 4-5 cm).

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Patrick and Bouligab - thanks so much for the info. Imperial Moth it is!