Saturday, August 9, 2008

BirdCouple Squabbles

Mary from Topeka, Kansas recently wrote to ask me:

Dear (Princess) Lisa,
Do you and Cute Husband ever have a fight?
Thanks and keep up the great work!


Nope. Never.

Mary, Mary, Mary....

Of course, Cute Husband and I have our occasional marital spat!

In fact, sometimes we have rip-roaring, knock-down, cardinal fighting a mirror emotional brawls.

And, as I will demonstrate, I rarely win these squabbles.

Consider this:

Trash pick up is twice a week.
Twice a week.
You would think that Cute Husband would let me take out the trash at least once a week.
We could switch off, I've begged.
You get Thursday and I'll take ... well... I'll take the other day.
But, no.
Not even on recycling day, when there are tons of heavy wine bottles (from the neighbors).
Warren will have none of it. He always gets to take out the trash.

And this:

Apparently, mice really enjoy living in our house.
After looking and caulking every entry crevice, We found a humane way of letting them know that rodent homesteading is not part of the deal.
The Electronic Mouse Trap.
Now, I know what you are thinking, Mary.
Surely, just once Cute Hubby would let me dispose of the dead mouse.
Please, Warren, Please!
But... no... I never get to take care of decaying mouse issues.

And then, there is this:

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a toilet in the LoveNest will back up.
Now, I know I don't have any formal training in de-clogging plumbing fixtures, but you would think that my exuberance over the task at hand would pass off as the needed skill.
Nope, Warren insists.
He must do the plunging.
There will be no more discussion.

So, as you can see, Mary, BirdCouple does have our occasional conflicts.

And, obviously, I endure quite a few inequalities in our marriage.

Yes, it is my burden.

However, somehow, I manage to overcome the indignity of not winning every fight.

And, I do this because...

I really love that funny, smart, creative Cute Husband.
And, I also really miss him when he is not here to argue about who will take out the trash, clean up the mice and unplug the loo.


Anonymous said... absolutely the most hilarious thing I've read all day long.

Ross Geredien said...

LOL. I can't believe I ever missed this post. Julie resents my toilet plunging zeal as well!!!