Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birds. But, not Birding.

Warren and I have been trying all summer to escape with Mitch and Adam.

But, since both are handsome guys with girls, cars and summer jobs... finding a weekend has been difficult.

We marked our calendars and came up with July 25-27 at Deep Creek Lake.

And, Cute Husband and I decided that we would make every attempt to not turn this weekend into a birding bonanza.

We were not getting up at 5AM, dressing and putting on binoculars for the day.

We were going to sleep in like teenagers and stay up late with the boys.

Look! BirdCouple without binoculars!

We were not going to check out every Natural Resource Area, every Wildlife Management Area, every National Wildlife Refuge, every pond, every lake, every swamp within a 20 mile radius in search of birds.

We were going to cook huge meals and sit around for hours talking about the happenings in the lives of two young men. We were not going to stop everywhere we heard bird song or slam on the brakes, put the car in reverse when we saw the faintest wing beat.

We were not even going to ask Mitch and Adam to play Name that Bird or work on any bird related jigsaw puzzles.

Warren and I love full on, hardcore, bird 'til you drop birding. We never find it stressful, in fact we love a couple of days of hunting and searching.

But, intense birding can be demanding.

Demanding on time and energy which we desperately wanted to savor with Mitch and Adam.

And, Cute Husband and I ate up every second with this two young men.

And, you know, we also saw a lot of birds.

We noted the guys that flew over as we passed on our way to Western Maryland: the Turkey Vultures, the Red-Tailed and Red-Shouldered Hawks.

We counted the city birds as we stopped for groceries: the Starlings, House Finches and Rock Pigeons.

The Chipping Sparrows who sang as we soaked in the hot tub. The Scarlet Tanager who hunted for insects while we lounged on the deck. The Eastern Wood Pewee who called from deep in the woods when we hiked.

The Mallards we flushed as we tubed by. The Pine Warblers singing and the Cedar Waxwings picking off bugs as we admired Sparrow Falls.

The Osprey that Warren pointed out to Adam as we swam in the lake.

To two of the finest gentlemen we know: Thank you for a crazy happy couple of days that went by way too fast....
Makes us (almost!) wish they never had to leave the nest....

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Anonymous said...

My eyes!!! My eyes!!! Surely these boys are not this big already!

Because if they are...that would mean...that I'm getting (gasp) OLDER!!!!