Saturday, June 7, 2008

Waylaid on the way home

No, not this Black-Crowned Night Heron and its reflection. BirdCouple is. Sometimes adventures like our trip to North Dakota turn into ... well, adventures. We are blogging from the swanky Days Inn in West Bloomington, Minnesota because our plane from Minot this afternoon was delayed for hours, putting us in late in the Twin Cities, much too late to catch our flight home to BWI.

Well, we had a truly amazing trip to North Dakota and the Praries and Potholes Birding Festival in Carrington, N.D. Nineteen new life birds for Lisa, and 17 for Warren. Just as important, we learned about the history of the prarie, and its importance as an ecosystem for birds and much more. We visited a bison ranch, and many wonderful National Wildlife Refuges. We made lots of new friends.

Lots more photos soon. But we are tapped out this evening. Why? We got up at 4 a.m. to go birding, of course! Like these Cliff Swallows, we just want to be back at the nest!

_ W and L

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