Thursday, June 19, 2008

Images of North Dakota

As we've said many times before, birding takes us places we might otherwise never go, and we see a lot besides birds along the way.

Our intention in this post is not to make fun of North Dakota, far from it. It's a special, unique place. But as National Geographic magazine documented recently in an article titled "The Emptied Prarie," many small farms and homesteads are being quietly abandoned.

Our friend Paul Baicich discovered the "ghost town" of Temple, North Dakota on a trip last year, and on our journey this year, he took us back. With a quick Google search, I found that someone has also posted a video of Temple on YouTube.

All of these pictures were taken at Temple, with the exception of the Edsel and the abandoned house on the prarie:

Desk and chair outside abandoned schoolhouse.

View of Temple church from inside schoolhouse.

Edsel automobile (Williston, North Dakota).

Lisa took this amazing shot of an abandoned house out on the prarie.

View of Temple's church.

Hallway inside the schoolhouse.

A check for $3.50: "Meals for election board on July 15, 1935."

Farm machinery at Temple, N.D.

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John B. said...

Do you think that the emptying of North Dakota is attributable at all to federal farm policy?