Saturday, June 28, 2008

He hates when I brag...

But I can't help myself!
It was a thrilling week for Warren with the culmination of loads of hard work all showing up in some form of print this week. First there was this:

If you can get past the breath-taking pictures of Gisele and make it to page 127, you will find the article, "The Informed Man's Guide to Following the Election".

Warren and his colleague, Jonathan Landay, are listed as "The Best Reporters You Don't Know". I've been bragging about that this one for days...

Cute Husband in GQ....I'm sure you can imagine what fun I've had with this.

Then there was this:

Warren was invited by the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard to write an essay showcasing his reporting on Iraq.
No Gisele pictures in this prestigious magazine, but if you turn to page 63 of the Summer 2008 edition, you will find Warren's work entitled, "Investigative Reporting on Iraq: From Beginning to End".

And, finally, the mail last night included this treat:

Our well loved friend, Paul Baicich, invited Warren to co-write an article in the August 2008 Birder's World Magazine. See page 43 for the article entitled "Small Wetlands, Small Wonders" which gives birders yet another great reason to purchase a Duck Stamp.
Well done Cute Husband! I am beyond proud of you!
Ok, I'm off to chill the champagne....


John B. said...

Wow, that's quite a week. Congratulations, Warren!

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

John, many thanks! Odd how it all came together at once...

We've been reading your blog a lot lately, much enjoying it all. Sorry we haven't left many comments, though. Our bad!

Anonymous said...

Great to have your talent and hard work get public recognition.

The Old Aeronaut

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Warren, and thanks for the great article! I hope we can work together on another real soon.

Chuck Hagner
Editor, Birder's World Magazine