Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Habitat meets Luxury...

Warren and I are still sighing with delight from hours of birding pleasure on the Keswick Estate.

This varied and bird friendly habitat is just a short walk ....... from the pampering that exists within Keswick Hall.

You might think that Keswick's award-winning and ultra-romantic restaurant might be enough. Or you might think Keswick's breath-taking view from the Horizon Pool might be enough.

How about the Arnold Palmer Signature golf course or the full service spa offering massage and body treatments?

Nope, not quite enough.

Add in the smell of pine and loads of birds calling.

Sigh. That, yes, that is enough.

The 600-acre estate with a mixture of fields, forest, streams and mature woodland must look like heaven to any bird powering over. The newly constructed nature trails led us through several different habitats, which led us to the variety of birds that enjoy each habitat niche. Indigo Buntings singing in a field.

Great Crested Flycatchers calling out their frog-like "CREEP" from the edge of the woods. Green Heron sulking in the back of a small pond. Wood Thrush melodies from the deep crevasses of the forest.

And, of course, we couldn't pass up the other creatures, such as this Common Wood Nymph who followed us down the Estate's Dogwood Trail.
As expected, we did find some non-native plants throughout the trails, but the trails seemed almost virginal compared to many we have birded.
And, although poison ivy is native, we were pleased to find very little of the noxious weed on and off the trails.
Even having lunch was a visual delight as we enjoyed the thoughtful and lovely touches of the Head Gardener, Amy Lewis. Amy is working on incorporating nectar plants to bring the hummingbirds to the guests.
Without a doubt, the highlight of the trip was a bird walk with some of Keswick's finest. There is nothing Warren and I enjoy more than showing people birds!
From Left to Right:
Amy, Cute Husband, Nita, Susan and Cindy.
Thanks Lovely Ladies of Keswick! Keep looking for that Yellow Warbler!
Our Keswick adventure continues in late June as we to add to the bird list in progress.
Note to Cute Husband: I think at least one dip in the pool is on the "to do" list for our next visit. Just one.
We can bird from the pool....

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