Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fort Smallwood Park never disappoints

We think it is, too! Fort Smallwood Park, in northern Anne Arundel County, used to be a rough spot ... drag races, tire dump, drug use... you get the idea. In April 2006, it was taken over by Anne Arundel County Parks and cleaned up. It's an amazing place, where rare birds show up with regularity, and many species that can be seen nowhere else in the county (and rarely anywhere in Maryland) can be found.

It's also home to the Fort Smallwood Hawk Watch , run by the indefatigable Sue Ricciardi.

We thought it would be a great place to introduce our dear friends Louis and Vencka Peterson to the joys and challenges of birding. They were game, and we had a lovely morning walk, led by Ranger Matt Gray. (Matt's a great birder, good guy and his bird list for the park is in excess of 200).

Fort Smallwood didn't disappoint. We had Scarlet Tanager, Wilson's Warbler, American Redstart, three Black-Crowned Night Herons, Great-Crested Flycatcher, Broad-Winged Hawk, Orchard Oriole and much more....

BirdCouple will post Louis' pictures soon. Meanwhile, we are off to Keswick Hall in the morning to help do a bird survey of the property.

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