Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BC does the AT in PA

Lisa and Warren, and their 16-year-old, Adam, kicked off the '08 Appalachian Trail hiking season on Memorial Day with a 13.3 mile hike in Pennsylvania.

Check out Birdcouple's AT blog over the next couple of days for a full report.

Birding while hiking is interesting _ you can't stop for every bird, or you'll never get the miles done. That puts a premium on birding by ear, plus choosing which birds are particularly interesting and worth pausing a few moments for.

Adam got his life Prarie Warbler and Eastern Wood Peewee. Prarie Warblers were everywhere, in migration we assume. We had 5 or 6 singing, two seen. Also had good looks at Scarlet Tanager and Ovenbirds calling everywhere.

Speaking of calling, the AT is calling us back to the trail soon...


Kelly said...

Happy trails to all three hikers! Enjoy the season and your hikes in PA. We were out on a few overnight trips in VA this spring, and we did some trail magic a couple of times in TN. It's always a joy to hear about hikers' experiences. We sure do miss it "out there." We'll stay posted to your adventures.

All the best,
Ron and Kelly

Anonymous said...

I live close to the AT where it slices across the corner of NJ. I hike it a lot. The birding is fantastic but I agree, that it has to be done by ear or it will take triple the time to get anywhere. But once in a while, there is a little Redstart spirit guide to show me the way, leapfrogging in front of me.