Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Arrivals

Northern Rough-Winged Swallow

This is the time of year when we try to get out every chance we can - mornings before work, evenings, weekends, because new birds are showing up on our doorstep and all around us. It's the beginning of spring migration, and birds that have flown from Central and South America are suddenly here. The swallows have arrived, along with a few raptors like Broad-Winged Hawk. Also a few warblers. The peak of this mass movement of hundreds of millions of birds is still a few weeks away. To say we cannot wait is an understatement. Northern Rough-Winged Swallows almost never pose patiently for a portrait like this.

Blue-Winged Teal, male

This Blue-Winged Teal, which I photographed on Tuesday, is the 98th species of bird that I have seen at Schoolhouse Pond in downtown Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Getting close to the century mark.

Northern Cardinal, male.

Of course, we can't forget our year-round residents, either.

Annapolis, Maryland - State House and US Naval Academy

Year-rounders, or summer visitors - it's not a bad place to call home!

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