Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Horseshoe Crabbing In NJ this Spring!

This wonderful news and the confusing political drama behind it comes from our friend at the DC Birding Blog.

Red Knots Rejoice!

Red Knots are long distance migrant champions traveling each spring from southern South America to the Arctic regions of Canada.

One of their final refueling stops is along the Delaware Bay coast, where they gorge on horseshoe crab eggs before embarking on the their 4,000 mile non-stop journey to the Arctic.

Since the 1990's, populations of Red Knots have declined drastically as horseshoe crab harvesting increased.

And, today, more good news via the New Jersey Audubon Society:

"New Jersey legislators overwhelmingly pass legislation to save the Red Knot and other shorebirds from extinction. The legislation will protect the critical shorebird food supply – Horseshoe Crab eggs - by banning the harvest of Horseshoe Crabs in NJ. The bill now moves to the desk of Governor Jon Corzine who has been a strong proponent for conservation of the Red Knot and horseshoe crab"

Big Smile....!

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