Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hangin' Around the House

House Finch
Well, not exactly the house. But BirdCouple decided to spend Easter Sunday close to home, within the borders of our home county, Anne Arundel, to be exact. It was a lovely sunny Easter day, and without trying too hard, we saw 45 species of birds, learned a little bit more about nature, and still made it home in time to do some spring cleaning and have dinner, which Lisa is calling me to right now.

Back in a sec.

Northern Mockingbird

Easter Dinner. Yumm-y! OK, back to blogging. We saw LOTS of Northern Mockingbirds out at Greenbury Point in Annapolis. Greenbury Point has the only known population of Northern Bobwhite left in Anne Arundel County....

Bufflehead, male

Lots of other birds were out and about around Greenbury Point, including this rather dapper-looking Bufflehead.

Mute Swan

We journeyed on to Fort Smallwood Park, where Sue Ricciardi, the inestimable compiler of the Hawk Watch graciously allowed us to join her for an hour. We learned an incredible amount just listening to her and watching her. Along with the raptors, most of which were migrating northward over us at heights too high for photography, other birds floated on by. Like this Mute Swan. (Look closely and you can see it's just been taking a drink). And some Bonaparte's Gulls.

Bonaparte's Gull

This was a new Anne Arundel County bird for us. So was the pair of Gadwalls we saw. (Not pictured).

Finally, it was time to head back to the BirdCouple's Love Nest....


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