Sunday, March 16, 2008

Done with Ducks.

Okay, we really, really, REALLY have spring fever. How could you not after a weekend like this one?

Nothing personal ducks - that means you dabbling ducks, geese, swans, divers, etc, etc. All of ya. It's been real. We love ya. Thanks for a fabulous fall and winter. But now it's ... well, it's like this. Time to move on, guys and gals. The tundra is calling you. See ya again in October. Happy family-making.

Us humans need warmth and sunshine and long days. And new sights, like this:

The Osprey arrived in force from South America over the last week. One set up shop (hopefully with a mate) just down the road from us on a powerline tower. I photographed the above bird at Smallwood State Park, a very lovely and sort of out-of-the-way park along the Potomac River in Charles County, MD.
Back to the ducks. They KNOW it's time to hit the road. Here's a Horned Grebe, as proof. This fella is starting to break into spring plumage. Wow! How 'bout that red eye?

Sadly, Princess was unable to join me Sunday. I hate it when I see really cool stuff, and can't share it with her.
So I felt a tad guilty about this...

A RED-HEADED WOODPECKER! A beautiful bird, and not always easy to find. This one was exactly where she was supposed to be... on a tall dead tree in the middle of a bottomland swamp.

The woodpecker kept going into this hole in the snag, its tail sticking out. I think it was feeding some little one inside!

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Larry said...

I know what you mean by the ducks.-I'm looking for them because that's the thing to do in March but I really prefer to be trecking through woods and fields looking for migrants.-Nice Grebe photo!