Monday, March 10, 2008

Carbon-Neutral Birding = Bigbying!

Cute Husband and I love the idea of The Big Green Big Year (BGBY)!

Bigbying was dreamed up by The Sparroworkers, and is simply a Big Year where you only count the birds seen within walking or within self propelled distance from your home or work.

You only count birds seen while not burning fossil fuels. Birds seen while walking, biking, kayaking, skiing all count, but if you are not propelling yourself, the bird doesn't make the list.

There is also a Public Transport Bigby which allows you to count the birds seen at your favorite birding site if you travel there by bus or rail and return in a similiar fashion.

Cute Hubby and I (along with most of the birders we know) love to jump in the car at the first report of some unusual species across the state or within a reasonable (reasonable is very difficult to define in this context) driving distance.

By birding Bigby style, we are reminded of the impact our little adventures have on big planet Earth.

Ready for another list, Cute Husband?
W: Yes, darling. Readers can now find our BIGBY count over on the right bar..


Anonymous said...

Interesting concepts.Please don't five up on Ivory-bills! They didn’t!

I invite all birders and other interested parties I find on the web to visit the Ivory-billed Woodpecker Foundation's Update Blog, just in case they are interested:

Lets BLOG!

Check in Often.


Larry said...

I do a lot of birding by foot-but I often drive a distance to get where I'm walking.-At least I've been carpooling lately.-Good luck with your list!