Monday, February 25, 2008


No, Red-poll has nothing to do with the current election season that we're suffering through......... We've been blessed this winter in the Chesapeake Bay area with an amazing outbreak of birds that aren't really supposed to be here. Some have come from the south, like the Painted Bunting. Many others have come from the north, like a White-Winged Crossbill, Evening Grosbeak and .... dah-dah! - Common Redpoll.

This little gal, and her sister, were reported about a week ago at Fort Smallwood Park. Princess and I promised each other that we would not go birding this weekend. Too much to do, Right. We dashed off Saturday afternoon, after Adam passed his driver's test - Go Adam! - to try to see this bird. Nope. We tried again Sunday afternoon, after Adam's soccer game. (We are good parents, see!) No luck. No bird. Weather = cold and miserable.

I tried a 3rd time this morning, getting up an hour early so I could make it to work on time. There she was. Sorry for the lousy pic. Bill Hubick has much better ones. But BirdCouple got the bird!

And a bonus Killdeer!

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Nervous Birds said...

Warren, it appears as if you were drinking the same large amounts of coffee as I when that Redpoll photo was snapped. I'll bet mine is blurrier than yours. Shake shake shake. Seriously, redpolls sure are jumpy little birds.

Dam. Speaking of which... we still on for the weekend? What's the plan?

All the best,