Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quick Blog(s) Notes

We've added the eBird Google Gadget to BirdCouple, now visible on the right sidebar, and set to show notable sightings from our home state of Maryland. Many thanks to A DC Birding Blog for showing us the way to the directions to do this.

Meanwhile, our good friend Dan Haas has updated his blog with a great new header and lots of cool pictures of Merlins, owls and more. ..


Nervous Birds said...

First of all, you two are too kind with that plugging of my blog. Just for that... I'll give you a PABU! It's in Arnold now... just across the street from the Chesapeake Academy. I'll see if I can't talk it into flying over the Severn to your feeders.

Oh, and I must say, your gadget is so much sleeker looking than mine! I'm impressed. I'll have to take my gadget out for a jog and have it stop the late night snacking. That'll slim it right up.

I can't wait (Declan too, by the way) for the big dinner! Does it have an official name?

Be well,

Dan, Declan and Emery

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

The official title of the big dinner is "Bird Geek Par-tay".

At least that is what we wrote on the calendar.

We can't wait either....

Lisa and Warren

Larry said...

I saw Dan's new blog header-very cool!