Sunday, January 6, 2008

Every Bird is a New Bird

One thing Birdcouple loves about the New Year is that we get to start identifying and counting birds all over again. That makes us take a second look at every bird we see, and appreciate even the most humble, common birds (like this Ring-Billed Gull) all over again. Perhaps we might even learn something new about old friends.

Well, it's the 6th day of the New Year and we have already seen 42 species, a lot of common ones, but a few treats as well, like a pair of immature Bald Eagles and some Cedar Waxwings that Princess Lisa saw near her work.

We spent a lovely Saturday morning in Howard County, Maryland with our good friend Paul Baicich. Columbia, Paul's town, is known for its lakes and trails, so we did some fun, low-key birding as we walked around Lake Elkhorn and Centennial Lake. The waterfowl was especially good -- and the temperature had warmed up -- at Centennial Lake.

The Ring-Necked Duck is one of Lisa's favorite ducks. We rarely see them here except in winter. They look both beautiful and fierce at the same time.

Lisa will have more to say about Ring-Necked Ducks in a future post. So stay tuned...

Warren's favorite birds of the day were a pair of Canvasback. They look sleek, like a racing hound..

So bring on the House Sparrows, Goldfinches, Great Blue Herons. We may tire of them in July and yearn for something rarer, but in January, every bird is a new bird.

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