Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't Worry. Bee Happy.

Oh, all the nights I have fallen asleep wondering how my little bees are doing.

The rainy chilly days when I thought of them clustered shivering in the cold.

The windy days I worried that I had not thoroughly protected them from the elements.

All the brisk days that I wandered out to their little home and pressed my ear against the hive in hopes of hearing a faint buzz.

And, the times I seriously considered purchasing a stethoscope so that I might, perhaps, hear the faint beating of their little wings.

Perhaps you can see how all my insect related stress would drive Cute Husband a little crazy...

Well, finally on Saturday I got some peace of mind. The weather warmed to almost 60 degrees and the back yard was a regular party!

Bees flowing out of the hive, buzzing like crazy, as they stretched their wings for the first time in weeks.

It was such a grand celebration that I just stood in the middle of it as bees poured out of the hive.

Most likely I was getting splashed with a big dose of bee poop, as bees are quite fastidious and will not defecate in the hive.

Warm days in the winter also allow the hive to remove some of their sisters who have died in the hive since the last break in the weather. This gal was just hanging on the tree soaking up the warmth.

Normal Maryland January weather is expected to return tomorrow, but in the meantime, they are enjoying some sugar water and a slightly expanded entrance to the hive.

When I close them up tonight, I will set myself a-worrying again for a couple more months.

March is typically the the hardest month for bees as the winter honey stores are nearly depleted and there is very little nectar for them to forage.

But for now, my girls look healthy....

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