Monday, December 10, 2007

Delaware has a Birding Trail!

Saturday was a super-duper, triple-happy good day. We got to go birding with our friend Paul Baicich, saw two new life birds (American Pipit, you are a nemesis no more!) and attended the inuaguration of the Delaware Birding Trail, at Bombay Hook NWR, one of our all-time favorite places. Almost too much fun!

More on the Birding Trail in a moment. But first, I'd have to say the Snow Geese were the stars of the show. First, they came in ones and twos...

Then in dozens.....

Then the hundreds and thousands:

Which way is dinner?

The Delaware Birding Trail was created in just 18 months from inception, put together by an incredibly smart and enthusiastic team from the Delaware Ornithological Society, Delaware Audubon, Delaware state agencies, with help from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

This guide - which is FREE - takes you through the state's top birding spots, divided into regions, with helpful hints about what you can expect to see and what other attractions are nearby.

These guides, which are proof that avi-tourism is coming on in a big way, are now available for many states, including Texas, Florida, New Jersey and others. Our home state of Maryland is starting to develop one.

Delaware is a small state, but it has some great birding spots, particularly along the bays and oceans. You can see all kinds of stuff....

Like this beautiful immature Red-Tailed Hawk:

Paul showed us what mistletoe looks like when it is growing. He said - correctly - that BirdCouple doesn't really need any encouragement to smooch:

And guess what helps pay for all this great stuff? You guessed it:

Congratulations, Delaware, on your new Birding Trail! BirdCouple looks forward to exploring it often.

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Larry said...

Congrats on the lifers.-Glad you finally tackled the elusive Pipit.I'm enjoying the Sibley blog as well that you mentioned in your previous post.