Friday, November 2, 2007

'Tis the Season

Most of this pile of junk mail and catalogs is made from virgin timber from Canada's Boreal Forest.

Canada's Boreal Forest is over 1 billion acres stretching from Alaska to the Atlantic. Almost half of all bird species in the United States and Canada rely on the Boreal Forest Region for survival.

And, Canada's great northern forest is disappearing.

Large scale logging to produce paper for junk mail, catalogs, tissue and toilet paper is one of the direct threats to the Boreal Forest Region's ecosystem and the birds that breed there.

So, my new mission is stop receiving bits and pieces of the Canadian Boreal Forest in our mailbox each day.

I call the "to order" number on each catalog that travels to our address and ask to be taken off their mail list.

I thank the responsible companies that use recycled paper.

And, I tell the poor person who answered the phone about the remarkable Boreal Forest and how vital it is to birds and how this wilderness helps to mitigate the affects of global warming....

Perhaps word of the Boreal Forest bird freak will travel throughout all the world's call centers. The call centers will meet and discuss how inefficient my tirades make their operators.

All the call center operators will know about the threat to the Boreal Forest!

Call center operators will go on strike demanding that all catalogs and junk mail be made from recycled materials.

Or, maybe, all call center operators will demand training in processing only online orders. Catalogs will become extinct!

See! One person can make a difference. Now, off to make some phone calls....


John B. said...

I love Blackwater in the fall. I saw my life Vesper Sparrow there on a visit two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Check out Bill Moyer's latest broadcast also addressing the catalogue issue and it's environmental cost, a website is given to help consumers end the onslaught:

moyers/journal/11162007/, ml

Ellen Bosman