Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fall Feeder Action

Cute Husband went on a bird feeder binge last week in hopes of attracting some new yard birds.

I love that man! He brings home the best goodies!

A larger thistle feeder, a peanut feeder and tons of bird food!

An irruption of winter finches from Canada's northern parts are being reported at feeders not too far from our love nest.

Now with a total of 9 feeders filled to the brim with a variety of bird treats, the yard is bustling with winter bird action.

A Pine Siskin could come in for a snack at any time.

Or, perhaps, a Common Redpoll might drop by for lunch.

Who knows? Maybe a White-winged Crossbill might pop by for supper.

In the meantime....

White-breasted Nuthatch getting a peanut fix

Goldfinches enjoying some thistle.

White-breasted Nuthatch hanging out on the thistle feeder

Carolina Wren working the peanut feeder.


Anonymous said...


Once again, nice job on Diane Rehm today! Love to read your birding adventures. Happy Blogiversary.

Larry said...

I hope you get the birds you hope for! I've been searching all aroud for the irruptive finches.-Finally saw a Red Crossbill yesterday.