Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blackwater Refuge in Fall

Long time, no blog. Birdcouple has been BUSY!

We were glad to see that Lisa's testimonial about BirdCam made it on the main page of Wingscapes' Web site. Check out what we and others have been saying about this really cool toy. Christmas is on its way, after all.

Last Sunday, we headed down to Blackwater NWR with our friend, artist-musician-birder Dan Haas. We went hoping to spy a Red Phalarope that had been spotted there (a very rare bird inland) as well as some American Avocets. As seems to happen so often, we missed what we were looking for, and found something else.

A Vesper Sparrow.

There he is, right there. See him?

Ah, that's better. A very pretty, if well-hidden sparrow - and a lifer for BirdCouple! This was Warren's 220th species seen in Maryland.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, in Dorchester County on Maryland's Eastern Shore, is a really special place. It wasn't very birdy on Sunday, but we did see a Red-Tailed Hawk chase a Merlin off some carrion. Cool. Also, this turtle was neat:

And we found a lone Tundra Swan, sitting by itself far away from its bretheren. Probably needed some Chill Time.

Photographing birds in flight is hard. Warren is still working on it:

Birds sitting still, like these Double-Crested Cormorants and Forster's Terns are much easier:

Ahh, the open road, a scope, Lisa my love and good friends. What could be better?


Anonymous said...

W & L,

Great flying duck pic, not bad for an amateur... however, it gave me a thought for the lovely Ms. Lisa Claus to consider for Warren's christmas stocking an imagine stabilizing lens... Always a joy to read your blog!!


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Great idea! That is just what Cute Husband needs-- another thing to carry in his backpack!