Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sticks to the Roof of your Bill....

Cute Husband agreed to share his jar of peanut butter with our feathered friends and our very cool BirdCam captured the sticky party yesterday.

Downy Woodpecker . The smallest and most common woodpecker in North America.Tufted Titmouse. Pairs remain together after breeding season, rather than joining larger flocks (Good BirdCouples!)
Most Tufted Titmice live their entire lives within a few miles of where they were born.

Hairy Woodpecker.
The Hairy and Downy feed on wood-boring insects, but the Hairy forages on tree trunks (note the big 'ole bill) while the Downy feeds on tree limbs.

The omnivorous American Crow. Young crows remain with their parents until they can find a home of their own.

Hmmm... if I was a crow, I would drag that out into my mid-twenties.

What a 'sec.... I did drag it out that long...

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