Sunday, October 28, 2007

She's the Bees' Knees

A.P. (Amazing Princess) is a true Renaissance woman. Among her many talents and interests are that she is a beekeper. A.P. has a small hive in our back woods, which has been growing and changing throughout the spring and summer. We've got our fingers crossed that it will make it through the winter.

I know next to nothing about bees, but am trying to learn by watching and listening. Here's A.P. smoking out the bees as she opens the hive. Smoking calms them down. Hmm.

Honey! That's the whole purpose of this exercise, right? Well, MY honey says hold on a sec- that honey is for the bees to feed them through the winter. We may not get any until next year. Huh?

The CUTEST bee of all. Actually, A.P.'s bees are pretty tame. We got them mail-order from Georgia, but they are actually a Russian strain. I don't put "Russian" and "tame" together necessarily, but that's what she tells me....

Once you open the hive, the bees immediately go about trying to repair it. Which is why you don't want to tamper with it all the time. It stresses them out. Sort of like my commute, I guess. This looks like a healthy hive - thousands of bees.
These pictures were from a few weeks ago. A.P. was putting some medicine in the hive to help them survive a mite that attacks and kills many hives in the winter. Right now, she's over at her Dad's house (he's the master bee-keeper), getting some tar paper to wrap up the hive for the winter. Hmmm ... seems like a lot of work. Seriously, bees are fascinating, and keeping them is very good for the environment and our local flora...

This one seems to have a dash of pollen on its left hind leg. Pollen=honey. Some day.


Anonymous said...

AP and CH :-).. Good luck with the hive. Really enjoy seeing what you post. Always fun and educational. Bee keeping is fasinating and always amazed how you can work with them (Me too chicken I think!!)

Cheers, Louis

Larry said...

Very cool! I've heard about the problems honey bees have been having.-I hope they stay healthy!

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am quite attached to my little hive and am hoping for the best this winter.

Anonymous said...'re, like, smoking bees. Freaky.

You are a renaissance woman, indeed.