Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dairy Farm

BirdCouple has an important new assignment! We've been asked to help do a bird survey/bird list of the old U.S. Naval Academy Dairy Farm in Gambrills, Maryland. Back in the day, this actually was the farm that supplied milk and other dairy products for the Midshipmen at the Academy, about 15 miles away.
It is now an organic farm - and we sure hope it stays that way. As you can see from this aerial map, it is an island of green in a sea of nearby development.

Our bird survey got off to a good start on a beautiful morning last Sunday. Here are some Brown-Headed Cowbirds, following a horse. Maybe they think it's a cow.
We tallied more than 30 other species, including (immature) Bald Eagle, Brown Creeper, Palm Warbler, Eastern Meadowlark and a lovely White-Crowned Sparrow pair.

Looking back at the farm from the middle of the fields. Isn't this beautiful. Or would more townhouses go nicely here? NOT.

Some Canada Geese flew in with the morning sun.

Warren pished in some cows! Why do cows always look so .... unfriendly? We moved on...

I wish we knew what kind of berries these were. My first guess was Hawthorne. Can anybody out there help?

Princess and I cannot wait to go back and discover more of this place! And not just the birds:


Patrick B. said...

Those look like rose hips and the leaf structure looks like rose as well. Multi-flora Rose maybe?

Are you going to be doing a breeding bird survey there next spring? That could be really interesting. Are there any grasslands/hay fields on the property?

Larry said...

That's great! Always nice to be put to work when the work is your favorite hobby.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Patrick & Larry - Thanks for the comments, and sorry for the late reply. We've been TOO busy with our day-jobs this week.

A breeding bird survey sound like a great idea! There are hayfields and fallow fields on the property, along with small ponds and some wood margins. Nice place!

Multi-flora rose? Gonna have to check that out.

Good Birding to you both!