Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peter Kaestner update

Back in August, we wrote about our friend, super-birder and diplomat Peter Kaestner. Peter appears to have been birding in the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean this month. (Yes, BirdCouple is jealous). His new grand total (Check it here on Surfbirds):

8,128 !!!!!!!!!

Go Peter!

September 29 update: Peter's been at it again, birding in Sri Lanka, it seems. New world life list:


Wow. When you get to the level Peter has attained, seeing even one new bird is a measure of amazing skill and dedication. Keep going, guy...


Anonymous said...

Hi...I hope you've seen the article I'm writing was about Peter Kerstner, and appeared in a magazine which I meant to keep, but somehow took it to the library along with a large stack of other mags. In the article, his dedication was obvious, and I would like to read it again, but can't recall in which magazine I read it. Have you seen it?


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Brian - I believe Peter Kaestner was profiled in Backpacker Magazine in 2004, July or August issue.

His life list is now 8,145.