Sunday, September 23, 2007

BirdCam. Tons of Fun!

Carolina Chickadee with seed.
Downloading the previous day's activities fromThe BirdCam is liking opening a little gift each day.

Oh, the excitement! Who visited today? Who chased off who? We are playing with distance now and plan to use the video piece this week...

Bart Stephens, you are genius. You can find your BirdCam through his company Wingscapes.

White-breasted Nuthatch. He is a photogenic fellow, probably because he and his friends hit this feeder about once every 15 minutes.

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Ron and Kelly said...

How cool is that birdcam?!!

We love the picture of the white breasted nuthatch. We saw a pretty pair in New Hampshire the morning we climbed Mount Washington. (Of course, the two of us clueless hikers had to go into a nearby visitor's center and look up the name of the bird we had seen earlier that day!)

-GG and Rhodo