Friday, August 31, 2007

BirdCouple's Been Bad

Actually, we've been very busy, unfortunately with non-birding stuff! We did, however, get to go out last Sunday to local Fort Smallwood Park with son Adam and our new birding pal Ross Geredien, who has some cool photos on his web site.

They are much better than this:

Little Blue Heron

We digi-scoped this guy (gal?) at Fort Smallwood's central pond, which was chock full of wading birds - Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Little Blues, a Tricolored Heron and Great Blues. Our bird list for Fort Smallwood Parks is 84 species!
Here's another sort of ghostly look at the same bird:

All in all we had 40 species in one day, including two lifers for Adam, the Tricolored Heron and Caspian Tern.
Meanwhile, the newspapers have been filled with odd bird news. First, came a swarm (OK, flock) of starlings that seem to be bedeviling parts of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The local paper, predictably, called it Hitchcockian.
Then came the "Green Pigeon" seen at one of our favorite local birding spots, Annapolis' Greenbury Point. Turns out is was a bird that escaped from a local business that dyes pigeons for special occasions like parties, etc.
Must be August. For another few hours.
It's also Labor Day weekend, so we're off to knock another 24-25 miles off the Appalachian Trail, AT for short. Check out our AT Blog in a day or two to see the results.
Happy End-of-summer Everyone!


Larry said...

I'll be darned-they dye their pigeons!-I haven't had the pleasure of seeing a TRi-colored Heron yet-but I have tried!

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Larry - Hope you get that Tricolored Heron soon. Good Birding!

Warren & Lisa