Monday, June 25, 2007

Online Q & A - Disappearing Common Birds

As most birders know by now, the National Audubon Society earlier this month released a study, based on analysis of Christmas Bird Counts and the Breeding Bird Survey, that documented a shocking decline in the populations of familiar and well-loved birds. These include Eastern Meadowlark, Greater Scaup, Field Sparrow and others.

Warren's employer, McClatchy Newspapers, is sponsoring an online Q & A about the study on its website. Answering questions will be Dr. Ken Rosenberg, director of Bird Conservation Science at the prestigious Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Warren will answer any questions that come up regarding media coverage of birds and nature generally.

Feel free to participate in this session, which will continue for several days.

McClatchy's story about the study can be found on our home page here. Or go straight to the forum and pose a question or read the Qs & As.

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